Astro Insight Witchscope – Hello to all you magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your week even more Magickal with my Witchscope Forecast for the week of April 1 – 7th

So lets talk about where the moon is this week…. Our  week begins with the 4th quarter moon entering dreamy & creative Pisces at 10:48AM EST so we work to stay focused and use our creativity productively. As the moon transitions to powerhouse Aries on April 3rd we prepare for the new moon by purging the old and getting ready to move full steam ahead with plans. Our new moon is also in Aries at 4:50AM EST on April 5th which moves into solid, methodical and reliable Taurus on April 6th at 9:06am EST

Magick For the Week Tip:  We start our week with a 4th quarter to dark moon phase that is especially good for purging obstacles and planning so spells involving these types of energy will work best at this time. Our fiery new moon in Aries is the perfect time to initiate new ideas and move on them passionately. More information on the new moon will be available in my New Moon Witchscope video for April.

Here is your Witchscope forecast for this week: Our active energy planet Mars entered Gemini on March 31 2019 – this fiery energy when blended with the air sign Gemini could cause an intensely scattered and diversified approach to everything unfortunately you may find yourself with too many irons in the fire for the next 6 weeks or so… Try to keep your passions focused in a unified direction. To add to some interesting energy we also have a Mercury / Neptune joining each other in the sky is sparks creativity & intuition this is great from those seeking to write or create art in any form. This is also a good time to follow your intuition. The only waring hear is that subconscious issues can easily color your conscious perceptions and there may be a tendency towards daydreaming & fantasy. You might not have all the facts so steer clear of major decisions for a few days. To add to this we also have venus semi square to pluto the energy is high intensity for personal & social connections. Watch for hidden agendas, manipulation & jealousy … Unrequited love or unreciprocated feeling may come out at this time. Stay away from those who may resort to emotional manipulation.

Healing can take place now though once the air is clear.

Find your path later this week and move forward you have what it takes to fix issues, release the past and make progress.

We also have new moon at 15 degrees Aries this moon will bring a lot of happiness and success but it is squaring Saturn so it will only come to you in conjunction with the efforts you make to manifest these things. You will also be able to address any issues like depression & fears that have been holding you back and conquer them. If you can do this you will be able to overcome obstacles that are preventing career success or troubles within relationships & friendships.

On the 7th a sextile with mercury the messenger planet & Saturn you will have a clear head and be able to organize your life with ease. It is a good time to reevaluate and organize. This is also an excellent time for study & business.

That’s the forecast for this week Please let me know what you think in the comments below and please like share & subscribe and click the bell. You can find me on Social Media – @SinCityWitch or at

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Brightest Blessings & See You Soon