Witchscope week of March 25-31

Hello to all you magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your week even more magickal with my Witchscope Forecast for the week of March 25-31 2019

So big news this week our favorite messenger planet Mercury will return to direct station & Venus enter the sign of Pisces … more on this in a second !

First lets talk about what the moon is up to this week ….

We start the week Monday with a 3rd quarter Sagittarius moon that sends us happy go lucky & adventurous vibes that brings us some fun & luck then we enter a more serious & down to business sign which is Capricorn at 10:07am EST March 27 and we wrap the week up with the moon entering Aquarius where we march to our own drummer & can be struck at any time with genius or madness –  on March 29th at 9:46 pm EST

Magick For This Week:  It is a waning moon which typically is used to remove negativity, blockages and clear the path for our new moon magick & manifesting. Take the next week and really think about what you can do to remove anything that is holding you back … This does not require magick or a spell grab a notebook and list some things that you would like to see removed from your life because they are not serving your highest good … do what you can in your life to really address these issues & take actions to fix what you can. Then write a spell that you can Use in conjunction with the waning energy this week by picking the corresponding day of the week that most closely correlates to your issue – for example to banish debt choose Thursday during this waning moon or a bad relationship on a Friday , Stop a stalker on Saturday ect … check your astrological correspondences as well to ensure success.

Here is my witchscope forecast based on the weeks astrological transits. We start the week filled with a strong desire to find a creative outlet for fantasies & imagination … intuition guides a lot of our actions. Try not to be vague or unclear as your thoughts may be scattered or confused … give it few days before committing to anything concrete. Avoid solidifying anything business partnerships & contracts included.

Big  news this week has to do with the planet Venus entering the sign of Pisces … This transit occurs on Tuesday May 26th and We have a very powerful influence here as Venus is very much at home in Pisces. The themes of art, beauty, music and creativity flow freely here as well deep connections to the mystic arts & spiritual pursuits. This is a time to take your ideas and allow you imagination to flow … this energy will intensify as we move towards the beginning of April as Venus approaches Neptune which is also in Pisces. Just be careful not to float away this week on a cloud of illusion or fantasy. Keep your feet on the ground 😊

We also see the Sagittarius moon & Jupiter blending creating an inspiring energy that urges us to be more adventurous as well as seek innovative ways to solve problems & be receptors for brilliant ideas. This makes Tuesday my favorite energy of the week!

This weeks biggest astrological news centers around Mercury returning to direct station March 28th which should be a welcome sigh of relief for many but the effects won’t be 100% gone until Mercury leaves it’s shadow phase April 16th …. it is safe to say the worst is behind us … but we may still have to face few issues that feel like a repeat as Mercury moves back over the same degrees of Pisces on it journey forward. People with mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces will be affected the most prominently under these influences.

On Wednesday we have Venus forming a harmonious sextile to Uranus so more energy for creative breakthroughs and sudden moments of genius infuses everything … I genuinely feel anything is possible.  The need to have some fun and be more socially active will also be strong under this influence. We lose our fear and are willing to go out on a limb and risk it all to go for our dreams. This energy instills a desire to try new things and seek the unusual for stimulation. Love, Finance & ingenuity get a healthy push forward …

Saturday may be a bit challenging Venus & Saturn form a Semi Square – This energy may dampen the higher spirits felt earlier in the week as feelings of disconnection and being misunderstood prevail. Spend some time looking inward and realize this is a passing moment in time & better times are ahead no matter what life throws at you.

So my best advice for the week is to indulge your creativity and get ready to communicate your needs more clearly! Keep yourself grounded as many will make this week about fearless indulgence & risk taking … just remember here on earth all actions have repercussions so don’t get carried away. Romance & Love – Disassociation & Endings fall within the scope of this weeks possibilities … Great success & Bitter Disappointments can happen in flash … so enjoy the vibes, meditate, stay in control & make magick happen when you can…

That’s the forecast for this week Please let me know what you think in the comments below and please like share & subscribe and click the bell. You can find me on Social Media – @SinCityWitch or at SinCityWitch.com

Remember to Be the Magick Because You Are the Magick

Brightest Blessings & See You Soon