Hello to all you magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your week even more magickal with my Witchscope Forecast for the week of March 18 -24th

So lets talk about where the moon is this week….

We start the week on Monday with a Leo moon that transits to virgo until March 20 when we enter the sign of Libra. The Full Moon will be at 0 degrees libra on March 20 @ 9:43 PM EST  The same day as the Spring Equinox or Ostara as it is called by some pagans & witches. The moon transits to scorpio on March 22 and stays there until Monday the 25th

So The Moon is waxing this week until the Full Moon on the 20th – a period that is generally considered favorable for new beginnings. The Moon is waning after the Full Moon on the 20th, which is generally considered unfavorable for new beginnings, again with exceptions.

More info on the full moon in my full moon video for this month !

Magick For the Week Tip :  Magick for restoring balance, justice and seeking truth will be especially potent this week as well improving appearance, romance and fixing what is broken – Creativity , sex and spirituality and loyalty as well remember the waxing moon is good for drawing things to you and the waning moon is best for pushing things away from you .

Here is witchscope forecast for the week

This week with Mercury Sextile Venus It will be a great week to make social connections and really show the world all that magickal charm just waiting for chance to shine… If you get invited … go ! Romance will also be on the menu this week as well as high level of flirtatious energy. Those who have established relationships or are thinking about taking things to the next level this week clarification as to where the relationship stands and where it is going may be a topic of conversation. Diplomacy flows with ease for teachers, publishers and business leaders you are able to speak with grace and get your point across without ruffling any feathers.  With Venus square Mars Passions are running high & your sex drive may be in overdrive don’t let romantic and sexual needs get into conflict be open and talk to your partner … Everyone gets what they need that way.

Mars & Pluto are having a conversation this week that will inspire focus and decisive action. You may want to really dig in and revisit a project and give it a makeover this week. You have the determination and strength to find alternative solution that work .. You are able to think out side of the box and make ideas that are beyond the status quo work … Keywords –  Sustainable Innovation

This week it may be easier than usual to cooperate with others because the heavy energy of last week seems to magickally be replaced with cheerful and optimistic energy thanks to Venus sextile Jupiter . We are instilled with a sense of optimism as thing seem to fall into place spiritually, emotionally and even financially. We feel free and easy and want to spend time with people socialize and enjoy life under this influence. Just make sure you don’t fall into feeling over confident and take on too much or do too much because that will leave you feeling out of sync … Balance and moderation are key to enjoying this energy Get organized pay attention to details and you will be prepared for the future … your well thought out practicality will take you far! Many of you will be seeking a mission or purpose this week as well as feeling a drive to connect more deeply with your spiritual side … It is a great time to explore these areas of life but do not let self-doubt or insecurities stop you from dreaming big … Only you know what your mission is manifest the the path forward.

You may also find your self being struck by a moment of genius revelation and inspired by the unique & unusual flow with this energy as it the catalyst  of change and revolution! Have the guts to change the status quo and reach for the stars… rebel against what no longer serves you .

That’s the forecast for this week Please let me know what you think in the comments below and please like share & subscribe  & please check out my other videos … You can find me on Social Media – @SinCityWitch or at

Remember to Be the Magick Because You Are the Magick

Brightest Blessings & See You Soon