The history of tarot as a divination tool is somewhat obscure but we do know it was created  in 14th century Europe as a parlor game and began gaining popularity as a tool of divination in the 16th and 17th century. The cards were used at that time in a more simplistic fashion than we use them today though. It wasn’t until the 18th century that we began to see specific meanings assigned to cards and the creation of tarot spreads. The most notable and recognizable version of the tarot called the Rider Waite Deck was first published in 1909 after its creation by British Occultist Arthur Waite who was a member of the golden dan and supposedly a long time nemesis of Aleister Crowley himself… Of course, Waites vision would have never taken shape the way it did without artist Pamela Colemans Smith art work which has become the go to version of the tarot in the minds of even the public at large.  We will not discuss history too much you can find info on this all over the internet and in books😊

Speaking on modern times – Tarot is probably the most popular form of divination and there are hundreds if not thousands of tarot decks available on the market. There are even more books, articles & how to’s out there as well with sometimes confusing or conflicting advise on how to read the cards.

In essence the tarot like many other forms of divination are a tool to help you tap into universal wisdom for self-improvement & empowerment and for some a tool to help gain insights into future events or possible outcomes of situations that arise in life. Some also use tarot for magick.  NO matter what you are are using them for Tarot is always a great tool to uncover the hidden truths and bring them to the surface.


How to Choose a Tarot Deck?

  1. Choosing a deck is very personal
  2. Look for a deck whose imagery make you feel something
  3. Try a few decks
  4. Not all decks will vibe with you
  5. I always recommend starting with the rider waite


How To Learn The Cards?

The most important thing about tarot is connecting with your deck. Take the time to get to know the cards the tarot will continue to reveal its mysteries to those who diligently seek its wisdom. Read books perhaps take a class but the best teacher is interaction with the cards themselves. One of the best methods for connecting with your cards is the card a day & meditation method

  1. Get a notebook to use as a tarot journal
  2. Draw a card or Just Go Through the Cards one at a time. I prefer the draw method
  3. Write down the card you drew in a Tarot Journal
  4. Write down your fist impressions of the card
  5. Look up the meaning of the card an write it down
  6. What Suite is it?
  7. How does it make you feel?
  8. Then spend 10 minutes meditating on the card – visualize a conversation whit any people or characters on the card
  9. Personally I like to sleep with a new deck in my pillow case – But you can just review your earlier notes before bed set your intention on the meaning of the card and again meditate on it – did the card have any articular relevance to your day?
  10. Do this for all 78 cards

Do a daily 3 card spread

  1. Note the cards that you drew
  2. Note the Suites
  3. Does any suite seem to be more prevalent
  4. Any Major Arcana Cards ?

Write down your impressions – then check the meaning and put together a very basic interpretation for yourself … note if any of the cards had any correlation to the actual days events

There is new school of thought that just tells you to look at the card and look at the picture and say what you feel … Im not a fan of that … the cards have meaning … they also contain ancient mystic & occult symbolism, numerology , astrology and have correspondences … anything worth doing is worth doing well … and anything worth doing is worth learning correctly … once you have mastered this then move on to experimental or unique methods but give yourself the best foundation you can. As always education is key.

The Components of a Tarot Deck

Tarot decks are comprised of 78 cards and divided into 2 sections The Major Arcana & The Minor Arcana

The Major Arcana have 22 Cards and are typically seen as archetypes or the journey of the soul – Many call it the Fools Journey ( that phrase was coined by tarot author Eden Gray in the 70s I believe) as the Fool Card is the beginning card or the Major Arcana.


The Minor Arcana Are Made up of the remaining 56 Cards that are divided into 4 Suites

The Four Suites are Pentacles, Swords, Wands and Cups – That are representative of the 4 Elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water – You will find the cards numbers from ace – 10 for each suite and 4 Court Cards for each Suite Page, Knight, King & Queen

Pentacles: aka Coins or Disks – Element of Earth – This suite pertains to the material realm and the physical world. Pentacles refer to money, career, success and prosperity of all types including spiritual prosperity.

Wands: aka Staffs or Rods – Element of Air or Fire dependent on your tradition or school of thought.  This suite is spiritual and usually represents movement, growth, new beginnings, ideas, inspiration, innovation. Often related to creative energies, spiritual growth, sense of purpose and the realm of thought.

Swords: Element of Air or Fire dependent on your tradition or school of thought.  These are cards of action they reveal places where action needs to be taken or have been taken – They can reveal areas of strife, conflict and challenges. It can show you what needs to be metaphorically cut away or what is cutting you … They sometimes tell of illness, heartbreak, loss an death or endings but more importantly the truth is revealed so we may face so we can move forward … which is always a good thing

Cups: Element of Water – This suite is strongly linked to your emotions and, relationships and your souls journey. Cups reveal true emotions and the emotion surrounding situation & relationships. It can also be indicative of your emotional well being and your connections to others.

Where does the information come from?

  • Some say the subconscious of the reader is tapped into the cosmic consciousness
  • Others believe that the symbolism triggers a psychic knowing within the readers that allows them to interpret the cards
  • Others still believe the information is channeled to them through the cards
  • And I am sure there are a million other theories out there

Personally, I believe that the information I receive while reading is received psychically and is triggered by the symbolism and imagery of the cards.

The best way to enhance your ability to tap into these energies are through meditations, binaural frequencies  & exercises specifically to help you reach alpha levels, increase psychic abilities, activate the pineal gland & third eye chakras then practice tapping into and harnessing that energy at will. Some are born with this ability naturally others will have to work to achieve this ad will experience varying degrees of success doing so.

Book Recommendations

78 Degrees Of Wisdom Cheryl Pollack