Crystal Unicorn Tarot


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Imagine + Sparkle + Manifest *POOF* yourself into the magical forest of the Crystal Unicorns where anything is possible! Tap into your intuition and connect with your Crystal Unicorns guides to find answers that you need right now. Let this colorful and enchanting deck help you dive into the world of Tarot, heal with Unicorns, and get obsessed with crystal magic! Pamela Chen, clairvoyant, a friend of the Unicorns, and a crystal intuitive created this mystical deck based on the Rider-Waite system. A handy dandy gorgeous guidebook is also included with the 78 card deck with interpretations and two magical spreads.

Illustrated by: Lisa Higuchi
Graphics/Calligraphy by: Karina Cometa
Deck by: Pamela Chen

Based on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, this fun deck replaces the people with delightful unicorns that share your same affinity for crystals.

This deck is perfect for beginners and collectors alike!

Special Features

  • 78 card deck 
  • Illustrated unicorn pastel guidebook