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Marissa DiAradia

Marissa DiAradia

Ordained Priestess, Life Coach & Magickal Mentor

Marissa is an ordained eclectic pagan priestess, dedicated witch and occultist who has folk magick and metaphysical study, on each side of her family tree. As a firm believer in karma and all that represents she has chosen her path with care based on these principles. Spending many years as a solitary of the craft & pagan practice she has had the opportunity to fine tune her spirituality based on an eclectic variety of mystic practices. She prides herself in acceptance of all beliefs even those that differ from her own. Her practice has a strong leaning toward Wicca but her personal path incorporates a blend of Folk Magick, Witchcraft & misc. pagan practices. Her accumulated knowledge is vast and diverse and touches on many Magickal systems. She truly feels you need to find what works best for you and develop your Magick based on knowledge, respect, ancestry and personal preference.

Marissa practices the art, science & religion of pagan based theistic witchcraft. With love & light always.

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Weekly Witchscope & Astrology Insight March 18-24 2019

Weekly Witchscope & Astrology Insight March 18-24 2019 Hello to all you magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your week even more magickal with my Witchscope Forecast for the week of March 18 -24th So lets talk about...

New Moon Witchscope March 6, 2019

New Moon Witchscope March 6, 2019

The new moon for March 6 lands in Pisces at 15º 11:03AM EST Pisces – New Moon Ruler Of Pisces is Neptune Ruler of Wednesday is Mercury Incense Sage Color Turquoise Stone Moonstone Chakra 3rd Eye Gods: Neptune / Fortuna Pisces New Moon Magick - Astral work, dreaming,...

Dark Moon

Dark Moon

Dark Moon Correspondences & Magickal Properties The dark moon starts 3 days before the new moon. This is the time of the crone / dark mother. There is no moon visible in the sky . A time for self-reflection and meditation. Dark Moon Goddesses:  Lilith, Hekate,...

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