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Dark Moon

Dark Moon

Dark Moon Correspondences & Magickal Properties The dark moon starts 3 days before the new moon. This is the time of the crone / dark mother. There is no moon visible in the sky . A time for self-reflection and meditation. Dark Moon Goddesses:  Lilith, Hekate,...



Angelite: Bravery, Fortune, Headaches, Infections, Balancing Emotions, Communication, Overcoming Challenges. Protects against worries. A.K.A: Blue Anhydrite Zodiac Ruler: Aquarius Planet: Moon Element: Air Chakra: Crown Energy:  Yin / Feminine Magick Uses: Self...



Magickal Properties Of: Amethyst: Moderation, Devotion, Insomnia, Addictions, Neuralgia, Acne, Peace, Tranquility, Happiness, Purification, Healing. Softens negative feelings & also reduces electrical energies so is great for placing near your computer, TV or any...

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