The new moon for March 6 lands in Pisces at 15º 11:03AM EST
Pisces – New Moon
Ruler Of Pisces is Neptune
Ruler of Wednesday is Mercury
Incense Sage
Color Turquoise
Stone Moonstone
Chakra 3rd Eye
Gods: Neptune / Fortuna

Pisces New Moon Magick – Astral work, dreaming, freedom, past lives, reincarnation, karma, psychic abilities, divination, spirit communication and creativity, music

This new moon is ripe with imagination and creativity and will fill you mind with many ideas, hopes and aspirations but beware of getting carried away. This new cycle is a great time to commit to personal goals. You can use this energy top make important changes right now if you stay grounded. This is a moon full of wishes that can seem to magickally manifest themselves in the most unexpected ways. The current of emotion is strong with the sun and moon in watery intuitive Pisces take this opportunity to swim through the current of harmonious & dream like flow that pulls you towards the distant shore of redemption & success… You travel with the fearless faith and deep knowledge that the shore may not be in sight, but you will reach it if you just keep swimming forward.
Be prepared – You may hear from someone from your past or go back to project you thought was scraped within next 2 weeks.

With the moon in Pisces our feeling become magnified and our intuition is on fire. Make sure to keep your dream journals handy in order to document any dreams you may have with prophetic imagery or messages. It is great time to work on your psychic abilities and focus on creativity, spirituality and the arts. Music will have an especially strong effect on some during this moon phase with the ability to elevate moods, evoke nostalgia and change moods even more than usual.

There are many aspects that are occurring during today’s new moon that may have you riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster. We have Uranus the planet of innovation and the unexpected conjunct to a retrograde mercury which may bring with it an explosive revelation that completely overturns the ways of the past and brings with a sense of revolutionary truth. We also find it easier to see hidden truths that have been holding us back and finally be able to move forward from the past. With our new moon sextile to mars we will have the strength, energy and passion to see things through which bodes well of our goals and plans.

Our New Moon lies in conjunction with its watery ruler Neptune Lord of Illusion or on the negative side delusion. This may make the day seem dreamy and surreal for some. You may have a hard time pinning down ideas or getting straight answers from others but go with the Neptunian flow and you will have a much clearer picture in the days to come. Trust your instincts and stay afloat! The realm of fantasy and imagination may be very appealing today as will the spirit realm … Connections to the astral plane seem effortless and divination produces highly accurate results.

We also have sextile to Saturn which will keep us from floating away with all this watery energy it will help you mend fences, address issues from the past and keep us grounded enough to make plans when need be.
So all in all a pleasant new moon that holds our hopes and dreams within its glow !

Numerology Of The New Moon in Pisces

Pisces = 12th Sign of the zodiac
15º = 15
3/5/2019 = 20
1+2=3 + 1+5= 6 + 2+0=2
3+6+2 = 11
The Number of This Moon Is the Master Number 11
The number 11 tells me that this moon brings with it a higher intuition, spiritual insight, profound psychic energy and intelligent thought processes coupled with empathy & compassion. It is truly a blessed moon. Many will be moved to explore their spirituality in search of a higher truth during this moon phase as well as seeking out kindred spirits to move forward with on their journey. This number bodes well for success and upward movement through steady and focused ambition and drive. The energy is adaptable creative and inspirational. You will feel optimistic and seek the freedom to pursue your goals as you shake off outdated concepts and ideals. This a time to seek balance of Mind, Body & Spirit.