Hello to all you magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your week even more Magickal with my New Moon Witchscope for April 2019

Our New Moon this month is at 15 degrees Aries and brings with it a sense of freedom , independence wealth and happiness. This moon also begins a new cycle for everyone. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and compels action. You will find this an incredible time to embark on personal goals. Be cautious about moving forward without a plan or acting impulsively as you may feel the metaphoric breaks have been released and you may want to sprint ahead with wild abandon. You will be self-sufficient and realize that you are the only one who can change your life and relying on others is unnecessary to find success. Innovation is the key to success coupled with actions to drive this energy forward. You will be infused with the confidence you need to take control of your life. It is a great time to do some self evaluation. You have the power to create the destiny you choose! The moon does make a challenging aspect to the planet Saturn but it will compel you work hard for what you want to manifest and you may have to face some challenges… but you can expect success if you can weather the storm and persevere. There are no shortcuts to success with this new moon. You will have to face your goals with stamina & determination.

This moon will also bring you strength to face your own karma and pay off karmic debts in order to move forward. You will also be able to accurately identify what has been blocking your success in the past and figure out how to resolve these issues once and for all. Once you are free from this baggage things seem to magickally flow in the right direction and your balance can be restored.

New moon Magick for new beginnings, business success & personal improvement should work well right now just be sure to take action in the mundane world to make the most of these energies.

That’s the new moon forecast for April 2019 Please let me know what you think in the comments below and please like share & subscribe and click the bell. You can find me on Social Media – @SinCityWitch or at SinCityWitch.com

Remember to Be the Magick Because You Are the Magick

Brightest Blessings & See You Soon