Hello to all you Magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your day even more magickal with some info on the basics of astrology

We will cover a few introductory concepts for those who are looking for more information on astrology.

Lesson 1 Astrology Basics

Astrology is the observation & interpretation of the exchange of dynamic energy manifested between the planets, stars & asteroids in relation to Earth. We study how those energies manifest themselves universally and individually.

Astrologers read these activities by drawing a chart. An astrology chart is a map of the heavens for a specific moment in time.

Astrologers call the Sun and the Moon planets for the sake of convenience, although they are actually luminaries. From this point forward, “planets” refers to the planets and the sun & moon

Basic astrology takes four things into account:

  1. The Zodiac Signs
  2. The Planets & Where They Are Situated
  3. The Planetary Aspects
  4. The Zodiac Houses

So what are planets we usually talk about in basic astrology


The 12 Zodiac Signs


The Houses

  • Each chart that is drawn in astrology is divided into 12 segments called houses
  • Each house represents a different aspect of life and has a specific meaning
  • The houses are 1-12 the same as the zodiac signs


Aspects are the types of connection the planets have to other objects, parts & planets in the chart …

The major aspects are

  • Conjunctions 0°
  • Sextile  60°
  • Trine 120°
  • Squares 90°
  • Oppositions 180°
  • There are other aspects that are considered minor aspects we will discuss those later.

When planets are in aspect they have a dynamic relationship that changes the individual energy of a planet.
Astrologers study these aspects to learn more about a chart.
Aspects between planets are the main factor that decide how a planet’s energy is manifested in your life.
In an astrology chart, the planetary aspects are where the action is. Without aspects a chart is silent and still. Aspects animate the planets and colors the expression of the the energy being manifested.

These tell a story about the energy created as the planets encounter each other around the zodiac chart. Some are easier aspects others are more intense.Each planet, house, zodiac sign & aspects has a specific energy.. if you want to read an astrology chart you will need to know a few things since energy’s manifests themselves in the chart dependent on a few factors.

First you will need to know what each house represents An what sign is on that house

What Energy Each Sign Carries With It

You will ten need to know the planets that are in each house and what their energy brings to picture

Then you will see what aspects these planets are making to each other ( how they are “communicating” with each other)

These factors will determine how these energies are manifesting themselves in a chart.

So if you are looking to find out more about yourself or another person using astrology you would need to get a natal chart … this is a chart drawn for the exact time place and date you were born .. this will show you the energies at play at your birth –

Your birth chart can most valuable tool you can have in your possession.

On a chart for convenience & space astrologers use a glyph /symbol instead of words on charts. This makes it easier to see all of the information arranged on the chart.

Learning the glyphs used in astrology will make it much easier to read a chart and learn more about astrology

I will continue with more information on the basics of astrology in my next basic astrology blog post & video

I am also going to go over astrology glyphs for you in my next video

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