Hello to all you magick makers out there I am Marissa DiAradia – Sin City Witch – hoping to provide a little extra insight to make your week even more magickal with my Full Moon Witchscope Forecast for March ! The FULL MOON occurs on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at 9:43 PM EDT at 0 degrees Libra

The Full Moon is a time of culmination – Emotions & Intuition run high at this time – The veil is thin and magick energy manifests itself with ease. With the Moon full a symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives.

On Wednesday night, the Full Moon occurs at 0 degrees Libra, shortly after the Sun enters Aries. As we have a 0 degree Aries Sun and 0 degree Libra Moon this is and specially great time for a fresh start

The Full Moon is a time of manifesting This moon is goo for Magick & Spells for legal maters in general, justice, contracts, love & romance, partnerships, marriage, balance, beauty and harmony, music, finding a good doctor, lawyer, accountant, socializing, team-building, diplomacy, open enemies. Spells to help another person.

Any full moon is also considered an appropriate time for all magick related to divination, scrying, protection, releasing, banishing, and overcoming obstacles. It is a good time also honor, petition, evoke or invoke lunar deities.

With this full moon we maybe dealing with issues of balance especially when it comes to our own needs personally and tending to the needs of others.

The signs of aries & libra are on opposite sides of the zodiac chart – This polarity represents self (1st house) and the sign of aries and others / relationships / partnerships (7th house) Libra

Where Aries is about personal desire & assertion , Libra is about compromise & Balance

The primary energy of the Libra Moon is the awareness of the need for relationships and all that comes along with maintaining relationships – ( All relationships & Partnerships are covered here)

The Aries Sun, on the other hand is all about self & individuality

The Libra Moon is seeking harmony and balance

The Aries Sun will move forward regardless of what is in the way and values blunt truth over diplomacy

The Full Moon illuminates this conflict.

As the moon is in the first degree of Libra And the Sun is at the Aries 0 degrees – epiphanies, sudden moments of clarity  or endings occurring now have special significance, leading to important new beginnings and fresh starts. Many are set on a new path with this energy.

So This Full Moon does not have a lot of planetary conversation going it only makes a very minor aspect called a quincunx to Uranus may create a buildup of nervous tension that can lead to mood swings or emotional outbursts.

Sleeping or eating patterns may be disrupted.

Unexpected events at home or work or even odd behavior by someone close to you may throw you for a loop.

Tension may also rise in a close relationship with a female family member or other significant woman in your life. If this issue comes up a karmic imbalance must be address and resolved.

Someone may pop into your life who is not what you are used too or who is very eccentric. This could be a good thing or it could cause some disruptions in your life.

Take time to think about opportunities that pop up it may be the best thing that has ever happened or it could be too good to be true .. check the fine print!

Be ready to make some adjustments in response to changing situations or unexpected opportunities. Be flexible and have an open mind – that should allow you to flow with this energy easily. Even challenges can become opportunities it is all in your perception.

That’s the full moon witchscope forecast for this month Please let me know what you think in the comments below and please like share & subscribe . You can find me on Social Media – @SinCityWitch or at

Remember to Be the Magick Because You Are the Magick

Brightest Blessings & See You Soon