Today’s Topic:  Common Ground

It can be difficult to navigate the extremely diverse pagan and witchcraft community in our modern times. With the abundance of information and extreme opinions, it is easy to get bogged down by details rather than the actual spiritual journey itself.  The extreme differences of opinion can feel like a battleground on social media where it can seem as if the “us vs them mentality” serves to separate us even further.  We have seemingly forgotten, as a community, how to find unity in the face of diversity. This seems to become a larger issue as an abundance of old and new traditions evolve at an astronomical rate daily. The community seems to be growing and evolving faster than we can keep up with it.

The only way we can start to repair this breach and come together is through conversation, education, and being open. You do not have to agree with or follow someone else’s path to show respect and a willingness to learn about it and by the same token, be shown the same respect in return. We need to do away with petty bickering, gatekeeping, spreading gossip & rumors, and superiority complexes so we can focus on the work of spiritual evolution that leads to personal development, empowerment, and a better world for all. Striving to put our energy into these endeavors will not only unify the foundational energy of our community but help create much-needed changes in the social, political, and spiritual areas of life in general. If we can find common ground, we can become a unified force for good aware of diversity but choosing to focus on common ground for the greater good.

To many, this concept may seem like an unachievable goal a utopia only possible in dreams and folk tales. I disagree wholeheartedly. We are all beings of energy with unlimited potential … This is a fact. If we chose to shift our focus and thereby shift our energies, we would be a true force for change in the world. If we could seek common ground for a common goal we could begin to shift and manifest a universal energy wave that would reshape our very existence as human beings.

We have each been called to the path and no two paths are alike, but we are all drawn. We are drawn to energy, truth, and reality outside of what traditional Judeo-Christian or other more traditional religious beliefs have taught us. We know that there is something more and we have been brave enough to look for the bigger truth … our truth that is also a universal truth. The power of this journey and the power of this ancient wisdom found on it does not care what human name you call it nor does it care how you have chosen to harness and manifest it … It just is and exists for those who heed the call to connect to it and use it. How lucky are we that we have been brave enough to seek this? How lucky are we that we have found this? How silly would it be to not grasp this truth, wisdom, and power together because of semantics or the inexplicable human need to sort & label everything?

We can each do our part … Choose today … Be the change … Build The Circle