Astro Insight Witchscope for February 16 2019

Cancer 2nd Quarter waxing moon

Saturday Ruler Saturn

Cancer Ruler Moon

Incense Sandalwood

Color Indigo

Stone Smokey Quartz

Cancer Waxing Moon Magick on a Saturday emotional stability, solidifying unions, seeking karmic truth, stamina, discipline, domestic matters, new homes

Witchscope: Compassion and kindness breeds a nurturing environment. Go for your goals but don’t get goaded into being pushy or overbearing to get there … take the high road and you arrive at success easily. The words or actions of others may hit you the wrong way today don’t let it get to you … over sensitivity make a bad situation worse. You can over come insecurity by taking a minute to relax & unwind and regain perspective. You are highly in tune with the emotional status and needs of those closest to you … you accommodate with loving care today. Relinquish the need to control the uncontrollable and it will be a smooth ride. #bethemagick #touchofmagick #sincitywitch #astrology #magick #witch #witchcraft #pagan #witchscope #horoscope #dailyforecast #folkmagick #magickminutes

Astro Insight Witchscope for February 16 2019 Sin City Witch